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About us


Why The Beverage Company
for your craft beers?

53 exclusive high quality craft beers available in one shipment from The Beverage Company

What We Do:

  • Craft Beer Ambassadors: Connecting you with Europe’s finest quality brewing traditions.
  • Passionate Beer Pioneers: Constantly seeking and sharing undiscovered craft beers.
  • Partners in Excellence: Elevating your success with unique new beverage selections.

Our Promise:

  • Distinctive Choice: Delivering unique products to define your market presence.
  • Craftsmanship & Quality: Curating a collection from the most dedicated breweries.
  • Superior Service: Setting the standard for customer satisfaction in the industry.

Our Advantage:

  • Exceptional Value: Ensuring your investment reaps rewarding experiences.
  • Logistical Solutions: Reducing costs with smart inventory management.
  • AI-driven Marketing: Driving sales with advanced, targeted marketing campaigns.

Our Story

Array of craft beer bottles on shelves at The Beverage Company

Meet The Beverage Company

Inside Brasserie Brunehaut with stainless steel brewing tanks

With decades of expertise in exporting European food and beverage products globally, especially to the US, we’ve discovered a wealth of talented brewers in Europe. These artisans craft exceptional beers, rich in quality and passion, yet they often lack right avenues to the US market.

 At The Beverage Company, our mission is to bridge this gap.

We bring these remarkable brewers together, offering a unique consolidation service for our customers. This service allows them to mix and match products to complete a shipment.
It removes the need to purchase full loads from each brewer, reducing both logistical and financial burden for distributors.

Our service opens up America’s market doors to deserving craft breweries.

US flag representing The Beverage Company's expansion into the American market

But it’s not just about logistics! We’re committed to continually renewing distributors’ selections and keeping them ahead in the market. With easy access to our products, we ensure efficient inventory management and financial commitments for our partners.

Only the best.

Our first selection process is focusing on brewers who demonstrate the highest quality and consistency, backed by certified quality control systems. Moreover, we prioritize partners who show flexibility and a commitment to adapt to market trends, supporting their brands and enhancing sales with proactive strategies.

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The Beverage Company are true beer lovers

Two proud Vicaris brewery owners holding award certificates

Our mission is to share amazing, high-quality craft beers with you. We’re thrilled to be your go-to source, with a wide range for every beer lover partner.

Our Approach

Craft beers are special. They are not just another drink. They carry a story in every bottle, of which some go back to the middle ages… yep! We work with brewers who care about authenticity, heritage and craft. Together, we bring you beers that stand out for their quality. Our range has both classic and bold new flavors, all true to their origins.

The Brunehaut Brewing Team standing proudly in their brewery

Our Beers

Choosing the best, unique and yet undiscovered beers is what we do. We get to know each beer, from how it’s made to where it comes from. This careful selection means we have something for everyone. Whether it’s a strong IPA or a smooth Belgian Tripel, we have a beer for every taste. Our beers celebrate all the variety that craft beer has to offer.

Innovative beers like the brand new SnakeBite apple-beer cider by Het Nest brewery in BelgiumWhy Choose Us

The Beverage Company is different because of our wide selection of craft beers and we really care for our customers satisfaction. We help you find access to beers that will become your new favorite. Our team is always ready to tell you about the amazing finds and the stories behind them.

Our Values

We care about our planet and our community. We choose to import craft beers in a way that protects the environment. Our partners are just as involved in their local areas, supporting the love for craft beer.

What’s Next

Looking forward, we’re excited to grow. We’re always on the lookout for special new craft beers. We want to be the best place for beer enthusiasts. We’re also creating fun ways to connect with you, like tastings and learning events.

Join Us

We invite you to try our selection of craft beers. Whether you’re an expert or just starting, everybody is welcome at The Beverage Company. Join us to taste the unique flavors and learn the stories behind them.

Keep in Touch

Please check out our website and our current range. Read our blog for the latest in beer. Follow us on social media to hear about what’s new and upcoming events. If you have questions or need help, our team is here for you.

Thank you for using The Beverage Company as your craft beer import partners. We can’t wait to share our service and our selection with you. Let’s enjoy the craft beer journey together!

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Get yourself a Snake Bite!

Bottle of Snake Bite apple-beer cider by Brewery Het Nest, a unique blend of strong blond beer and apple cider.

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Try Snake Bite🐍, the ultimate Belgian Grand Cru Beer-Cider🍻 fusion packed with a punch of 8% ABV.
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This isn't just any cider—it's a game changer. Are you in?😎

Enjoy, but always drink responsibly 👍

More info? info@thebeveragecy.com

8% ABV - 11.2 fl.oz - 24 per case